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News, Bathrooms with Microcement

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News, Bathrooms with Microcement

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baños en microcemento

Before doing an application of microcement on a bathroom ensures the microcement you’re using has good qualities and characteristics.

The CimentArt Microcement Characteristics are the following

  • Continuous decorative coating
  • Really aesthetic finishing, like polish cement.
  • Maximum thickness from 2 to 3 mm.
  • High flexibility and hardness
  • Can be applied over any existent surface
  • A large color variety to choose
  • 3 different finishing to choose: shine, satin and matt.
  • It can be applied on humid areas, bathrooms, lavatories, kitchen and bathrooms countertops etc.
  • It can be applied on walls, ceilings and floors.
  • It can be applied indoors and outdoors.
  • Its finishing is completely waterproof.

Regular house cleaning product can be use with it.
It doesn’t need maintenance.

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